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About our kittens 1. All kittens will be vaccacinated and dewormed twice before they go to a new home. 2.All kittens are litter trained. 3. All kittens are free from ear mites, teary eyes and cat herpes. 4.All cats feed on boiled chicken/beef, wet food, and very rarely dry food. 5. TICA paper will be provided for additional 150 dollars at buyer's request after the kitten is altered. Expected responsibilities from future purchasers 1. Keep your ragdoll inside at all time. They are strictly house cat, not supposed to go out except for vet checkups. 2.Cats are what they eat, please feed them as less dry food as possible. (dry food is not healthy and can cause potential kidney-related disease later in their life. So please be conscious of what you feed them. 3. No rabies for your ragdoll please. If they are kept inside at all time, there is no need for rabies. 4. Separate your new kitten from the natives for at least a couple days if you have mutilple cats, then slowly introduce them. Adoption Process 1. No shipping to other states or countries, only local pick-up or delivery. 2. First come, First serve. 3. No deposit needed for kittens over 3-month-old, if you are interested in a kitten who's less than 2- month-old, you can put down a 150 non-refundable deposit, by the time of your pickup, I will show the kitten of your reservation along with the kittens that are not reserved/adopted, so you can choose from the bunch.

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